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Blue blood from Oberstein Castle

It is almost unknown that there is some blue blood from the Daun-Oberstein masters running in the veins of many European ancestral portrait galeries.

The great-great-granddaughter of Wilhelm Wirich (1613-1682), Maria Luise Albertine von Leiningen-Heidesheim, was married to the landgrave of Wilhelm von Hessen-Darmstadt. Three of her daughters were married - directly or indirectly - into the most important European dynasties. Because of her relation by marriage, Maria Luise Albertine was called "Grandmother of Europe" respectfully.

Looking at these dynasties, the following European dynasties are - to some extent - successions of the masters of Daun-Oberstein:

Bavaria, Bulgaria, England, Denmark, Greece, Hannover, Luxemburg, Austria, Prussia, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Spain and Württemberg.

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