Bosselstein Castle

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Bosselstein, reconstructed image, 1990
Above the "Felsenkirche", a fortress named "Bosselstein Castle" was built by the masters of Oberstein around 1200. The castle was located 100 meters above the river Nahe and represents a special kind of castle, a "Spur Castle".
Due to its position on a spur, only the hillside had to be protected by defensive constructions, the other three sides were protected by steep hillslopes.
In 1330, the masters of Daun-Oberstein built another castle (the later Oberstein Castle) in close proximity to Bosselstein Castle. For 270 years both castles were inhabited concurrently. Bosselstein Castle was abandoned in 1600 when the owners could not afford the high costs any longer.
In 2011 and 2012, the tower and the ruins were sanified carefully.
Burg Bosselstein today