Crests inside Oberstein Castle

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The creststone above the entrance door shows eight crests of Wirich IV.'s great-grandparents, who lived from 1415 to 1501. They represent an outstanding stonecutter craftwork from 1475.wappen

 In the hallway to the "Eselbückdich-Turm" ("Donkey bow down tower") you find a stonecutter craftwork from the baroque age, financed by Countess Elisabeth of Salm-Reifferscheid, who married Philipp Franz of Daun-Oberstein in 1592.wappensteinEmbedded in the entrance hall wall is the crest of Wilhelm Wirich (1613-1682), showing a count's crown. Displaying a capstone, it is also the crest of the city of Mülheim/Ruhr, where Wilhelm Wirich resided.Wappen Wilhelm WirichIn the "Wappensaal" you will find all 16 great-grandparents of the archbishop and elector of Cologne, Philipp of Daun-Oberstein (son of Wirich IV.), added by the crest of Idar-Oberstein city and the county of Birkenfeld. wappen wappen stadt idar oberstein

Idar-Oberstein crest