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Historic overview

There are not many historical locations connected by a mutual history and as close to each other as in Idar-Oberstein, as you can see on the Merian engraving from 1654.

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 The first masters of "Stein" were mentioned in 1075, and they were occupying a cave called the "Castle in the hole". This cavern was developed by Wirich IV to the Felsenkirche (Rock Church)

Above this "Castle in the hole", the masters of Daun-Oberstein built  Bosselstein Castle on a spur. This castle was mentioned first in 1197. For details on Bosselstein Castle follow this link

Around mid 13th-century the Daun-family from the Eifel-region married into the Oberstein-family. In the beginning, both families were living together in Bosselstein castle. Before the year 1330, the Daun-Oberstein family built a new castle close to Bosselstein, the later Oberstein Castle. This new castle had its high time in the 15th century and was expanded into a comfortable chateau by Wirich IV.

The great fire of 1855 destroyed most of Oberstein Castle. The ruin was handed over to national property and was endangered by significant disintegration. In 1998, the city of Idar-Oberstein bought the castle ruin. The Oberstein Castle Club was  tasked to take care of the castle and to reconstruct parts of it.

Today, some of the former rooms are reconstructed and can be used for celebrations, seminars and other events. 

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