The Felsenkirche (Rock Church)

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Building the Felsenkirche took only 17 months from 1482 to 1484 under the regency of Wirich IV, so it is most likely that the construction basicely was a redesign of an existing defensive installation. The almost 7 feet thick outer walls are a hint, too.


Inside the Felsenkirche one can find several testimonies describing the history of the masters of Daun-Oberstein:

Remnants of old glass paintings show a picture of Wirich IV. and the crest of the von Leiningen family, the ancestors of his wife Margarete (three silver eagles on blue background)

Felsenkirche 012 komp

In the side stairways you will see the crests of the masters of Daun-Oberstein.

                 Wappe4n DO komprimiertFelsenkirche 002                     Felsenkirche 003 Wappen 2 komprimiert

The epitaph of Pilipp of Daun-Oberstein, Wirich IV.'s father,  in ful armor who died 1432 from his wounds he took when fighting for the Duke of Lorraine. Close to it you find a tomb slab of Philipps wife Mena.


                                     Philipp II.von Daun Oberstein komprimiert 

The picture of Sebastian shows the family of Master Sebastian of Daun-Oberstein, Count Falkenstein with his wife, his three sons and two daughters. To the left of Sebastian you can see his eldest son Philipp, wearing three necklaces.

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The last master of Oberstein, Philipp Franz, who lived at the castle, was buried 1624 inside the Felsenkirche.