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The Wappensaal (Crest hall)

Wappensaal kleinThe castles largest hall used to be a representative location for assemblies and celebrations, especially after the reconstruction of the castle by Wirich IV. of Daun-Oberstein around 1475. After Philipp Franz's death the downfall of the castle began. After 1624, the castle was inhabited by officials only.

Reasoned by a castle fire in 1855, only the outer walls existed when the Club started reconstruction around 1990. The fireplace from the late gothic period was dated to the time of Wirich IV. The intent of the Club is to show the various connections of the Daun-Oberstein lineage to mighty families inside the Reich.

Wirich IV. son was archbishop of Cologne from 1508 to 1515 and thus inherited one of the highest clerical functions in the Reich, deeply connected to the electors honour, giving Philipp II. of Daun-Oberstein the right to elect the German king. Therefore, he had to prove his ancestry by determining that his 16 great-grandparents had noble background. The crest of his great-grandparents are represented in the Wappensaal.

Opposite consoles are showing the crests of a married couples families. Left to the fireplace you will find the great-grandfathers of the paternal line, to the right the maternal line.

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